B2B Marketing & Sales Operations for B2B tech companies

Giving customers a voice in your strategy


Clarity in strategic choices

Strategic Challenge

Creating a shared understanding of key existing knowledge in the company about the business model, target customers, product, and market. By identifying what has or has not worked so far, and what choices have been made and are ahead, we outline the strategy and assumptions to be validated through in-depth investigation.


Going beyond gut feeling

Genuine Insights

Through deep competitor and customer investigation, we learn why and how people buy, and what the context of that decision is. We use this knowledge to match your product and/or sales strategy to the buyer. Together, we refine the strategy by translating the insights into a concrete roadmap of strategic initiatives.


From insight to execution

Creating Fit

Together we develop the gathered insights into strategic initiatives. We innovate new solutions for your product and sales strategy, and if needed re-validate these in follow-up research. We work on concrete solutions to the strategic challenge, helping you take effective action.

To create value for your buyers, you need to:

  • Understand their problems and create products or services that address the corresponding needs;
  • Tailor your commercial approach to convey the benefits to them as clearly and convincingly as possible.

Insights-driven growth

Connecting your strategy to your buyer

In an insights-driven growth strategy, many elements fall right into place. A clear focus based on genuine insights helps align all these elements, but in contrast, a strategy based on too many assumptions leaves you with no distinct path to pursue. 

Listening carefully to your buyer, you can learn what they think and how buying decisions are really made.

A solid growth strategy based on genuine customer insights

We are at our best when we can connect the different components in your strategy with customer insights, and translate this into concrete initiatives. Our broad knowledge of marketing and sales, from process to operation and execution, helps us quickly identify priorities and turn this into concrete steps that will move your business forward. We help you determine how best to tailor your product to your buyers’ needs and what approach to take to convey this value to them.

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