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At The Sales Strategist we contribute to the success of your organisation by enabling executives and marketing and sales teams to make better decisions and optimise execution. We work closely with them to evaluate, plan, execute, and measure strategic business initiatives. Our focus on the right marketing and sales processes, measurable actions, and streamlined operations ensures that strategy and execution are optimised end-to-end.

We accelerate your revenue engine by improving and digitalising the execution

We help companies shorten their sales cycle and more predictable by optimising, digitalising and automating critical marketing and sales processes.

We set up a system consisting of lead and customer management processes, workflow automations, and the right tools to ensure that critical processes throughout the buyer and customer journey are streamlined end-to-end. From inbound lead nurturing to customer onboarding and growth. We call this solution our revenue engine, aimed at optimising conversion rates and pipeline velocity.

We optimise your strategy and actions by solid operations & data insights

To optimise the marketing and sales strategy, we focus on reducing churn and facilitating expansion. Therefore, our solution focuses on customer retention and loyalty by analysing your customer base, segmenting it into different groups, understanding the characteristics of each segment and providing actionable insights.

An optimised approach targeting prospects of the most successful client typology or retaining customers directly at risk of losing makes an immediate impact on the sales team’s success and therefore of the entire organisation.

Sales processes

We specialise in defining business processes and make sure your teams know what to do. With well-defined processes we can choose the right tools, decide what parts to automate, and identify what to measure in order to improve performance.

Tools & automation

Based on the definition of the processes, we search for, configure and connect the right tools to implement and automate the main processes and to facilitate measuring and improving the management of business relationships.

Data & performance

We make sure you know how to interpret and utilise your data to improve performance. We measure critical interaction moments in a consistent way to analyse performance and provide actionable insights.

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Who we do it for

We help companies reap the benefits of a well-defined process by choosing the right tools and identifying the relevant data. This allows us to measure and improve marketing, sales, and service cycles.

Early stage growth

We help fast-growing B2B tech companies establish solid marketing and sales operations by means of proven commercial processes, implementation of CRM and automation tools, and the collection and analysis of the right data. This way, we ensure your operations are ready to scale and your growth can be sustained.

Established companies

We help established B2B companies leverage their experience into renewed growth by using their data to identify new opportunities and potential strategy optimisations, and digitalising and automating marketing and sales processes. We improve efficiency and help you accelerate again by modernising existing operations.

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We believe that creating value and positive experiences for both buyers and sellers is at the heart of genuine and profitable business relationships. A B2B company can only successfully grow if both the path-to-commit and the path-to-growth are designed to align with the buyer’s perspective. We’ve translated our vision into the ‘4D Sales Model’, which includes the four key disciplines Market, Process, People, and Tools.

The 4D Sales Model highlights the interdependence of marketing and sales, as they are both equally critical to the success of any sales organisation

We develop and implement your key marketing and sales strategy and operations. We do this by developing a roadmap for growth together with management and then implementing it in collaboration with the existing marketing and sales people. We provide continuous support in order to ensure the implemented changes are sustained as only then the real impact of our collective effort can be brought to the surface.

Our work is aimed at helping B2B technology companies grow