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Both new companies with an innovative idea and existing companies that are growing internationally want to conquer their new market and win the first big logos as soon as possible. The first step is to identify and validate the market or business model, while simultaneously searching for that first commercial success.

Especially when validating products and business models that target enterprise size corporations, you benefit from an approach that pays individual attention to each of these accounts and the people within them. To sell into this type of account effectively, it’s critical that you understand how each individual fits into the larger decision-making unit and offer them relevant and personalised content.

A structured account-based approach gives the best chance of successful validation while generating first business results. ABM works through a combination of people, processes and technology, aimed at winning and expanding large, complex, long-term deals. You will target the named accounts that represent the greatest potential in a systematic, efficient and measurable way: segmented target lists, an outbound process, sales engagement tools, and reports that enable rapid learnings and iterations.

Building a business starts with validation
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We design and develop your ABM strategy so it aligns with your target market. We make sure your targeting, value proposition, and sales process are aligned.

With your ABM strategy defined, we ensure that you have the right communication materials, sales team, and engagement tools to start selling and validating.

We make sure your G2M strategy is well thought out and coordinated, so you can focus on execution without any hassle. We make sure a proper evaluation is done that should provide direct market feedback and context to the numbers.

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In our years of experience with B2B companies, we have worked with many start-ups that needed to validate their business model as well as enterprises that wanted to tap into a new industry or geography.

We do not believe in massively covering the market as quickly as possible in the hope that a sustainable model will emerge on its own. A structured approach based on a sales process with concrete measurement points gives you a much greater chance of success.

We help you build a lean sales organisation based on a proven method that enables you to validate in a structured way, achieve first business results, and learn and iterate through direct contact with the market. This way, you can build a sustainable model while validating your model or market in a structured way that also generates first business results. This way, you not only have the first results, but also a strong story about how the sales model works and what it takes to scale it in a predictable way.

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