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A growing organisation also means that the tech stack must develop accordingly. Whether you want to add new automation tools to an initial CRM, reduce an overgrown set of tools to a single integrated ecosystem, or have your team make better use of the existing features at its disposal. Your tools must support sales execution and not hinder it.

The challenge is to implement the changes in the tech stack, and the corresponding changes in human action, without interrupting sales execution – and without creating too much resistance. It is important to always establish that the commercial process is leading and tools are selected for their ability to support the execution of that specific and unique process, and not the other way around. In this way, the tech stack can be set up for the optimal collaboration between people and their tools, so that both can work optimally.

Both marketing and sales benefit when solid tools are the preferred place for them to work well together. A unified tech stack, where the shared data is the single source of truth for all teams, allows for alignment and collaboration on shared goals and initiatives.

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We examine the current way of working to understand gaps and define improvements and/or automations in the current sales process that can be achieved with adjustments to the tech stack.

Based on the definition of the processes, we find, configure and connect the right tools to implement and automate core processes and to facilitate the measurement and improvement of commercial relationship management.

We help the sales team make the best use of the features available to them and provide management with useful insights to get a better picture of performance through reporting and dashboards.

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Our years of experience in B2B have given us extensive knowledge in setting up, optimising, and automating sales processes. In our opinion the tools should facilitate the established processes, not the other way around. That is why we are technology agnostic and free to use the most appropriate tools.

In particular, we are adept at setting up tools that focus on the needs and requirements of the humans within the organisation, with a view to improving execution and removing barriers. A fair amount of experience with change management serves us well here.

We find and implement the right CRM, sales automation, and enabling tools for your sales team. We make sure marketing is aligned to sales activities and that both teams can collaborate within tools that support streamlined interaction with prospects, opportunities and customers.

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