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Ensuring that your sales organisation is structured properly and rests on stable foundations is hard enough. Let alone when everyone is busy growing the business and all your attention is focused on the most important thing: selling. But nothing is more important than laying a solid operational foundation on which your business can scale.

The first priority is to set up the components a small sales organisation needs to manage sales, close opportunities and continuously improve through sales reporting. The key components are a structured pipeline management process, supported by tools that enable your team to work as efficiently as possible, while gaining as much insight as possible into your data so that you can continuously learn and fine-tune your approach.

Establishing a solid foundation while driving sales
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We evaluate your business model and design an ABM or outbound sales methodology tailored to your target market. The goal is to set up the most efficient way for your sales team to start winning while also building a sound foundation for a scalable business.

This sales process forms the basis for the selection and configuration of your sales tech stack. We make sure you have the right tools, automations, and reports ready for your team to use, and we support them in taking the tools into use.

Through reporting and guiding your team’s meetings, we ensure that the methodology is embedded and that the sales process is executed in a structured and consistent way. We use data insights to stimulate learning and help the team improve its performance.

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Our years of experience with B2B sales operations mean that we can help your company structure the set-up and execution of sales, regardless of the growth phase you are in.

Whether you’re a startup that wants to start conquering the market immediately with the right approach, or a growing company that is looking for more structure and internal stability during growth spurts, we can assess the needs of your sales organisation and implement the right solution without getting in the way of ongoing sales execution during the project.

Our focus is on setting up a measurable and scalable way of working, which we then support with solid sales tools that also provide data insight, so that you can continue to improve.

Business growth is about sales, and that in turn is about learning about the market, the pains of prospects, and the best way to approach them and deliver your solutions. Our people-focused approach means that we can align the technical side of sales to this – and do so with consideration for both the people in your target market and the people in your own sales organisation.

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