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At The Sales Strategist we contribute to the success of your organisation by enabling executives and marketing and sales teams to make better decisions and optimise execution. We work closely together to evaluate, plan, execute, and measure strategic business initiatives. Our focus on the right marketing and sales processes, measurable actions, and streamlined operations ensures that strategy and execution are fully aligned.

Below you will find various services aimed at specific cases. These are examples: every company and situation requires a different approach. We will be happy to work out this plan with you.

Building a reliable sales organisation

Ensuring that your sales organisation is structured properly and rests on stable foundations is hard enough. Let alone when everyone is busy growing the business and all your attention is focused on the most important thing: selling. But nothing is more important than laying a solid operational foundation on which your business can scale: a structured process, supported by solid tools, insight into your data, and an empowered sales force.

Validation of markets and business models

Both new companies with an innovative idea and existing companies that are growing internationally want to conquer their new market as soon as possible. The first step is to identify and validate the market and the business model, while simultaneously searching for that first commercial success. ABM provides a structured approach to doing this: segmented target lists, an outbound process, sales engagement tools, and reports that enable rapid learnings and iterations.

Implementation of CRM & sales automation tools

A growing organisation also means that the tech stack must develop accordingly. Whether you want to add new automation tools to an initial CRM, reduce an overgrown set of tools to a single integrated ecosystem, or have your team make better use of the existing features at its disposal. Your tools must support sales execution and not hinder it: we find and implement the right CRM, sales automation, and enabling tools for your sales team.

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