Sales streamlining

Getting sales teams to shine

We bring structure and consistency to the way you sell and measure

We help B2B companies get their sales team to shine. We do this by formalising the sales process, aligning marketing to sales activities and implementing tools that support streamlined interaction with prospects, opportunities and customers.

Sales streamlining =

Sales operations
  • Connecting the sales strategy to business model
  • Formalising the sales processes
  • Aligning marketing to sales
  • Sourcing and deployment of sales technologies
  • Automation of sales plays
Sales enablement
  • Adoption of the sales methodology and tools
  • KPI reporting and performance analysis
  • Sales campaign structuring and reporting
  • Automated data-based personalisation
  • A/B testing and delivery of continuous learnings

A five-part methodology

  1. A formalised sales process, structured in the Pipeline management playbook.
  2. Marketing support aligned to sales activities.
  3. Automated sales plays, supported by first-party data in the CRM.
  4. Structure and consistency in the way you sell and measure.
  5. Continuous experiment-based and data-driven improvements.

Our fit

Who we do it for

We help companies reap the benefits of a well-defined process by choosing the right tools and identifying the relevant data. This allows us to measure and improve marketing, sales, and service cycles.

Early stage growth

We help fast-growing B2B tech companies establish solid marketing and sales operations by means of proven commercial processes, implementation of CRM and automation tools, and the collection and analysis of the right data. This way, we ensure your operations are ready to scale and your growth can be sustained.

Established companies

We help established B2B companies leverage their experience into renewed growth by using their data to identify new opportunities and potential strategy optimisations, and digitalising and automating marketing and sales processes. We improve efficiency and help you accelerate again by modernising existing operations.