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B2B Sales Operations Self Scan
Discover the next best step for your sales organisation

To help you quickly and easily gain insight into the development of your commercial organisation, we have developed the B2B sales operations self scan. Based on the four commercial disciplines of our 4D Sales Model, our self scan offers you a multidisciplinary framework to map the current status of your sales organisation, identify areas of attention and take immediate action.

Discover the next best step for your B2B sales organisation with The Sales Strategist's self scan
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The end-to-end sales cycle aimed at acquisition, retention and growth
Sales operations

Let’s talk about B2B sales cycles

The interaction between all the individuals in the decision-making unit creates a dynamic that is difficult to influence: most of the time spent on B2B buying decisions isn’t spent analysing them; it’s spent justifying them.

HubSpot Features Comparison Tool

To get an easy overview of the unique features of each Hub, we have developed this comparison tool. It strips out all the duplicated features that different Hubs have in common, so you can see exactly what the unique features are of a Hub that you want to add to your tech stack.

Just Funded interview series

Just funded: Ludus Global

We interviewed Víctor Ogbechie, Finance and Strategy Director at Ludus Global. He explains us how he makes use of tools and data to help the company grow.

Operations for early stage growth

Building a solid commercial operation from a relatively small open-minded operation directly managed by the founder(s), to a scalable sales organisation with a solid growth strategy.

Optimisation for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises with a steady on-going and growing marketing and sales organisation face challenges to maintain growth and avoid stagnation.