Our vision

How we think about B2B marketing and sales

Creating value and positive experiences for B2B buyers and sellers

We believe that creating value and positive experiences for both buyers and sellers, aligned with their personal needs and interests, is at the heart of genuine and profitable business relationships.

To serve the interest of buyers, creating an optimal experience is critical. Therefore, the path-to-commit (everything that happens from getting to know each other to signing a first contract) as well as the path-to-growth (working with client companies to expand the collaboration, impact, and revenue) are equally important and need to be viewed and designed from a buyer’s perspective to make sure the seller is aligned with the journey the buyers undertake to achieve their objectives.

At the same time, to help the seller, we believe that the business needs to work within a common framework with clearly defined processes, roles, and responsibilities to provide an environment for optimal performance. To measure the performance and provide the business with actionable insight, it is critical to consistently measure the same key performance indicators over time to identify areas for improvement across the business and take timely action. Evidently, knowing how to leverage the power of technology as a multiplier is another cornerstone to boost performance.

The 4D Sales Model

We’ve translated our vision into the ‘4D Sales Model’, it shows the four key disciplines Market, Process, People, and Tools with their sub-disciplines.

Looking at any business through The 4D Sales Model helps to assess the current situation of the business, identify areas that are missing or can be improved, and helps to prioritise the actions to be taken.

This way we can help your company grow by building up your marketing and sales organisation around these four key disciplines. This structure in our methodology enables us to direct the development of the organisation, and prepare a plan in the order in which different parts of the marketing and sales organisation can best be built.