Our approach

A methodical way of working

We assess the current situation of your business

We start with an assessment of the current situation by looking at your present marketing and sales strategy and operations. During this phase we invest heavily in gaining a solid understanding of your unique business environment through internal data and document analysis, interviews and workshops, market research, and/or customer interviews. This way we can design adequate solutions to your challenges. Moreover, no change can stick if we don’t get all stakeholders on board, so we will work closely with you and your team from the beginning to make sure everyone is involved.

Our work is aimed at helping B2B technology companies grow
We develop and implement your key strategies and operations

After the initial assessment and design phase, we start developing the requirements to build or improve your marketing and sales organisation in collaboration with you and your team. Once we have developed the most suitable solution, we start implementation by training the accountable person(s) on the technical side as well as coaching them on the practical side of executing the new way of working. It is our goal to transfer the technical and practical knowledge to your people, so they can learn and grow while focusing on the execution of their responsibilities. We also make sure to review the effectiveness of the design, implementation and execution of newly implemented strategies, processes, and technologies so we can tweak where needed.

We accompany you and your team and make sure it sticks

To ensure the implemented changes are sustained, we stay with you and your teams on an ongoing basis to keep track of performance and make adjustments if changing situations require it. We provide ongoing support from outside in order to consolidate the correct execution of new strategies and ensure momentum is kept. We focus on exchanging learnings and best practices, and hold both marketing and sales teams accountable for their performance by measuring key performance indicators consistently and reflecting on them regularly to learn, improve, and thereby boost performance. Only then, the real impact of our collective effort can be brought to the surface.

Operations for early stage growth

Building a solid commercial operation from a relatively small open-minded company directly managed by the founder(s), to a scalable sales organisation with a solid growth strategy.

Optimisation for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises with a steady on-going and growing marketing and sales organisation face challenges to maintain growth and avoid stagnation.