Optimising SMEs

Marketing and sales operations for B2B tech companies that have been around for a while.

A structured approach to optimising growth

Once technology companies with a B2B business model have established their position within their market, and achieved a steady ongoing and growing organisation, their challenge turns into maintaining growth and avoiding stagnation. The growth of the organisation does not only depend on the efforts of the founder, instead dedicated teams have been created who have to ensure operational excellence and quality execution. The company must maintain progress: leading teams with a clear strategy, working together with a central methodology, and supported by solid operations.

Project examples
Optimisation and digitalisation of operations

A solid structure of marketing and sales operations to help your teams to function smoothly, bringing marketing and sales teams back in sync, centering individuals doing ‘their own thing’ around a core methodology, accelerating through use of CRM and automation tools, refocusing through KPIs for teams and individuals, and measuring progress and improvements along the way.

Testing a new line of business

A lean operation to test a new line of business, or a new market, through a structured and defined validation process – with your own team or outsourced. This programme is aimed at validating the connection between the problem and solution, and willingness to pay. We set up a controlled experiment with solid marketing & sales operations aimed at gathering customer intelligence and market feedback. These insights, both qualitative and quantitative, speed up decision making and strategic planning while also working towards achieving the first real business results.


A B2B company can only successfully grow if strategy and operations are designed to align with the buyer’s perspective. We’ve translated our vision into the ‘4D Sales Model’, of the four key disciplines Market, Process, People, and Tools.


We develop and implement your key marketing and sales strategy and operations by developing a roadmap for growth together with management and then implementing it in collaboration with the existing marketing and sales people.

About us

Our ambition to bridge the gap between the ideal strategy and operations, bringing forward the best in teams and helping great companies to reach their potential is what drove us to start our own consultancy. And this is what still drives us today.

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