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Hi, we're The Sales Strategist

For more than 10 years, we have been working with companies to sharpen their strategy and improve their operations and marketing and sales execution. In those years, we have worked with dozens of B2B tech companies, from pre-revenue to Fortune 500. And all these projects came down to the same thing: businesses that want to be more responsive to their customers’ needs. That is why we strongly believe that giving customers a voice in your strategy is the basis for sustainable B2B growth.

Developing a solid growth strategy depends on close collaboration and in-depth knowledge sharing. That is why, when working with The Sales Strategist, you always have direct contact with us: the ones who do the hard work for you. No separate teams when it comes to execution, or shifting tasks to junior team members. We stand by your side and vouch for results; from the first day to the last.

Our broad knowledge of B2B marketing and sales makes us the perfect partner for companies that are figuring out where to focus the next step in their strategy. We know how to turn customer insights into strategic initiatives, and we don’t stop there: we work with your teams to put it into action together. We hate it when our hard work ends up in a drawer, so we always aim for a practically implementable result.

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