We help B2B SaaS executives discover to whom to sell what, and how to do it. By replacing assumptions with genuine customer insights, we align your product and sales strategies to drive the next wave of growth.

Giving customers a voice in your strategy

Our solutions for creating and delivering value

To create value for your buyers, you need to:

  • Understand their problems and create products or services that address the corresponding needs;
  • Tailor your commercial approach to convey the benefits to them as clearly and convincingly as possible.

Discover the ideal customer

Understand which buyers are ideal for you by gaining a deep understanding of what what value means to them and what value you can deliver in improving their current situation. Nail the combination of ideal customer profile, value proposition and messaging and establish your operations and processes to serve that segment perfectly.

Improve product or service offerings

By focusing on customers' jobs, pains and benefits, you can identify unmet needs on the basis of which you can further develop your products or services. Clearly articulate ideas for new offerings and make sure your buyers have good reasons to commit to them. Discover gaps to enrich your original idea and deprioritise other parts that generate less value.

Increase marketing and sales focus

Good marketing and sales strategies reach and convince your target customers. By clearly stating how your product or service helps them solve their problems, you gain impact. Be where your buyer is and use their language, aligning your marketing and sales processes with their needs and expectations.

Assumption-free strategies

Knowing what B2B customers think and how to sell to them


Clarity in strategic choices

Strategic Challenge

Creating a shared understanding of key existing knowledge in the company about the business model, target customers, product, and market. By identifying what has or has not worked so far, and what choices have been made and are ahead, we outline the strategy and assumptions to be validated through in-depth investigation.


Going beyond gut feeling

Genuine Insights

Through deep competitor and customer investigation, we learn why and how people buy, and what the context of that decision is. We use this knowledge to match your product and/or sales strategy to the buyer. Together, we refine the strategy by translating the insights into a concrete roadmap of strategic initiatives.


From insight to execution

Creating Fit

We help you and your teams turn the insights into action by working together to develop them into strategic initiatives. We innovate new solutions for your product and sales strategy, and if necessary we re-test the newly developed solutions in the market to further refine them. We work on concrete solutions to the strategic challenge, helping you take effective action based on our insights and recommendations.

Hi, we're The Sales Strategist

For more than 10 years, we have been working with businesses to sharpen their strategy and improve operational execution. During those years, we have worked with dozens of B2B SaaS businesses, from pre-revenue to Fortune 500, and all those projects came down to the same thing: businesses seeking a stronger connection with their buyers. We strongly believe that giving customers a voice in your strategy is the basis for B2B growth.

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