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We help B2B executives discover to whom to sell what, and how to do it. By replacing assumptions with genuine customer insights, we align your product and sales strategies to drive the next wave of growth.

Giving customers a voice in your strategy

Understanding your customers is essential for growing a B2B business, but few manage to link their strategy to real insights.

Many companies struggle to figure out what works well as they don’t know exactly what value means to their customers. This leaves them with a foggy picture of why and how their customers use their technology, and unable to make an impact on them. By aligning the buyer’s needs with your product, and the way you deliver value, you create focus in your growth strategy.

That is why it is so important to listen carefully to your customers, to find out what they think and how buying decisions are really made. These insights enable you to align your sales approach and product to deliver the most value – for both you and for your customer.

Knowing what B2B customers think and how to sell to them

Genuine customer insights coupled with a smart strategy are the basis for scalable growth. At The Sales Strategist, we help entrepreneurs and marketing & sales executives discover the core thinking of their customers and incorporate these insights into their product and sales strategies.

Because decisions based on assumptions don't grow a business.

And an untargeted sales approach will not get you through the complex B2B sales cycle.

Laser focus on your ideal customer and what to offer them.

Practical implementation of the best strategic initiatives for your business.

Tailoring product and sales to your customer


Strategic Challenge

Creating a shared understanding of the strategic choices made and to be made.


Genuine Insights

Going beyond gut feeling through deep competitor and customer investigation.


Creating Fit

Turning insight into action, generating new value by developing product and sales solutions.

Knowing to whom to sell what, and how to do it

Hi, we're The Sales Strategist

For more than 10 years, we have been working with businesses to sharpen their strategy and improve operational execution. During those years, we have worked with dozens of B2B businesses, from pre-revenue to Fortune 500, and all those projects came down to the same thing: businesses seeking a stronger connection with their buyers. We strongly believe that giving customers a voice in your strategy is the basis for B2B growth.

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