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Working together to help B2B scaleups grow and The Sales Strategist have joined forces to help you grow your business. Together we connect your growing B2B startup with investors, help you raise investment, and make sure you build a sales organisation on the right foundations. is the leading demand, supply and knowledge platform for Dutch venture capital and entrepreneurs. By connecting companies and investors, supporting them and providing them with the right information, they make it possible to further grow companies.

A common challenge

One of the main challenges for technology companies with a B2B business model is building a solid commercial operation while continuously focusing on constant growth. As soon as the first number of satisfied customers has been reached and thus also a growing turnover, confidence and expectations with regard to the founders also increase. The company has a challenging change ahead of it: from a relatively small, open-minded operation directly managed by the founder(s), to a scalable sales organisation with a solid growth strategy.

The combination of knowledge and experience of and The Sales Strategist helps you successfully navigate through these turbulent times and continue to grow. By connecting your company with an investor, supporting you through this process and providing the right information, we make it possible to take your organisation to the next level. Subsequently, The Sales Strategist helps you lay a solid foundation that enables continued growth. We do this by developing a roadmap for the growth of the organization together with management and then implementing it in collaboration with the existing marketing and sales teams. Based on our own 4D Sales Model, we build a professional, measurable and scalable marketing and sales organization.

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We believe that creating value and positive experiences for both buyers and sellers is at the heart of genuine and profitable business relationships. A B2B company can only successfully grow if both the path-to-commit and the path-to-growth are designed to align with the buyer’s perspective. We’ve translated our vision into the ‘4D Sales Model’, which includes the four key disciplines Market, Process, People, and Tools.

The 4D Sales Model highlights the interdependence of marketing and sales, as they are both equally critical to the success of any sales organisation

We develop and implement your key marketing and sales strategy and operations. We do this by developing a roadmap for growth together with management and then implementing it in collaboration with the existing marketing and sales people. We provide continuous support in order to ensure the implemented changes are sustained as only then the real impact of our collective effort can be brought to the surface.

Our work is aimed at helping B2B technology companies grow

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To help you quickly and easily gain insight into the development of your commercial organisation, we have developed the B2B sales operations self scan. Based on the four commercial disciplines of our 4D Sales Model, our self scan offers you a multidisciplinary framework to map the current status of your sales organisation, identify areas of attention and take immediate action.

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