We drive sales through strategy, process, and tech infrastructure

Getting B2B marketing and sales teams to do the right thing, and making sure it sticks.

What we do

Market & journey

Know your market and make sure you’re relevant at each step of your buyer journeys. Identifying and segmenting your market as well as mapping the journeys that buyers undertake and connecting your message and content to each step of the journey is the starting point of commercial success.

Processes & roles

Empower your people to engage customers, improve win-rates, and shorten sales cycles. Providing your team with a structured sales process, clearly outlining roles, accountabilities, and KPIs is fundamental to lead an effective and motivated salesforce.

Tools & automation

Boosting your marketing and sales team’s performance with the right combination of CRM and automation tools, while capturing all the data you need for data and performance analysis. Leverage the power of technology.

Data & performance

Make sure you know how to interpret and utilise your data to improve performance. Creating a data model which measures critical interaction moments against the same criteria in a consistent way to pulse performance and provide actionable insights.

Alignment & focus

Ensure your people are rowing in sync to increase success. Aligning your people on goals and priorities periodically and consequently is the backbone for a motivated, effective, and adaptive marketing and sales organisation.

Pricing & forecasting

Leveraging your knowledge of customer value to develop your pricing strategy to set profit-maximising prices and meet your financial goals. Ensure you have a robust overview of key financial metrics to inform strategic decisions.

“The key is in creating insight, aligning critical processes around a single methodology, and guiding growth through marketing and sales operations.”


We believe that creating value and positive experiences for both buyers and sellers is at the heart of genuine and profitable business relationships. A B2B company can only successfully grow if both the path-to-commit and the path-to-growth are designed to align with the buyer’s perspective. We’ve translated our vision into the ‘4D Sales Model’, which includes the four key disciplines Market, Process, People, and Tools.

The 4D Sales Model highlights the interdependence of marketing and sales, as they are both equally critical to the success of any sales organisation

We develop and implement your key marketing and sales strategy and operations. We do this by developing a roadmap for growth together with management and then implementing it in collaboration with the existing marketing and sales people. We provide continuous support in order to ensure the implemented changes are sustained as only then the real impact of our collective effort can be brought to the surface.

Our work is aimed at helping B2B technology companies grow

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